Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life

We offer an Experience that is different. Services performed by Certified Celebrants for traditional funerals or cremation. Experience Something Unique and Different... "Every Life is Worth Remembering"

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In February of 2012, Curran-Shaffer Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. achieved a high honor, as they were awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2011 KIP (Keeping it Personal) Awards for Best in Funeral Personalization by the International Cemetery, Crematory, and Funeral Association, a worldwide organization of funeral service professionals and cemeterians. Curran was nominated for the funerals and Celebration of Life for Laura Stettmier and Chas Armitage.


Our Celebrant will make your loved one's life tribute a Unique and Meaningful experience.

A Celebrant is a person who is trained and certified to meet the needs of families during their time of loss. A Celebrant creates a personalized tribute service to reflect the personality and life-style of the deceased.

Our Celebrants offer an alternative to a service provided by a clergy person for those families who are not affiliated with a church or who simply do not wish to have a traditional religious service. They can also facilitate a tribute service in conjunction with a religious service, or the night before a traditional funeral Mass fot those of the Catholic faith.

Our Celebrants have been specifically trained to design a service that is completely personal incorporating those unique stories, songs and experiences that defined the individual.

Our Celebrants will schedule a special Family Time for those closest to share memories of the loved one's life making the essence of the tribute service based upon the remembrances of the family. Family's have commented that this Family Time is often an integral part of their healing process.

Our Celebrants have a library of resources available for readings, music, ceremonies and personal touches. The Celebrant will consult with the family to help design a service that best reflects and memorializes the life of their loved one.

Our Celebrants are bound by a Code of Ethics for complete confidentiality.

Serving families who are not members of a place of worship is not new for us. In the past when arranging a service, families often asked if we could recommend a clergy person because they were not members of a church. This is a request we continue to fulfill for some families. However, more recently we have been noticing a change in that a growing number of families when arranging a service are specifically requesting to not have clergy present. They have also asked how we can help. Feeling obliged, we responded by having our associates further their education to become Certified Celebrants.

The comprehensive training for Certified Celebrants is established by the In-Sight Institute and assures your family that they are being served by someone who understands the process and is prepared to offer the very best uniquely personalized tribute service possible.

You can confirm a Celebrant's credentials by visiting the In-Sight Institute at: 1-800-658-9262 or online at: www.InsightBooks.com.

"Every Life is Worth Remembering"


"The Celebration of Life Service Norm wrote was so beautiful, moving, and memorable that everyone talked about it all evening with nothing but compliments. He took the time to get to know who my brother was and told a beautiful story about his life. This is not your average funeral home as we ended our service with a tribute to our Rue"
-Heather Wysocki

"We recently had to plan Celebrations for my Uncle and Grandmother about a month apart. Norm was incredibly helpful, caring, and compassionate. Norm made such a terrible time in our lives more bearable. He made our family feel so special each time. At the end of the Celebration Of Life, he surprised our family with banana popsciles, which was always a staple in my grandmother's freezer. I'm so grateful that we were blessed with the opportunity to work with Norm."
-Emily Chierici-Liebrock

"Just wanted to take a few moments to say thank you to Norm Connors for a wonderful Celebration Of Life for my mother Mildred Zinchini. There are no words to express how really great we were treated every moment. Norm made sure that there were so many personal touches that, I know, happens no place else but Brady-Curran."
-Suzanne Zinchini Chierici

"I have never experienced a Celebration Of Life before, and it was absolutely beautiful. Mr. Connors has an incredible way of making your family feel uniquely special and comfortable, like you are coming to life-long friends and family. He takes the time to get to know your loved ones through their stories and memories making the experience personal and extraordinarily meaningful. The level of dedication, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness portrayed from start to finish is incomporable."
-Katie-Grace Young

"We went back to meet wiht Norm, he was the director that did the Celebration Of Life, and he was amazing! He met with my mom, my brother, and I, had us sit down with him for about an our and fifteen minutes, and he asked questions, and we just talked. Out of what we told him he created an incredible service for our family. Norm and I connected, and he did little things to make the Celebration Of Life closer to my heart. I will be forever grateful for that"
-Elizbaeth Scott

"So our family had NO clue what a Celebration Of Life was or what a modern funeral home had to offer until we had the privelege of meeting Norman Connors and visiting the Curran Funeral Home. Norm brought the family in for "interview" of our mom's life for approximately 90 minutes. We talked about her life from start to finish. Fun stuff, her hobbies, her friends, her vacations, her quirks, things she liked AND didn't like, where her and MY dad met and why, and other interesting things that made her who she is. Norm gathered all of our thoughts together, and 17 pages later, we had a Celebration Of Life Service. We laughed, we cried, and at the end of the service, we took mom's casket outside and toasted her with an adult beverage. Norm is a professional, good person who really cares about what he does, and goes beyond to connect with our family members."
-Joseph Seneca

"Norm thank you for your kindess during the most difficult time in my life. What an awesome Celebration Of Life for John. I'm sure he was smiling down on all of us. Amazing is what you are."
-Linda Lege

"My entire family is beyond pleased with the wonderful service we received from Norm Connors. It is his creativity that personalized the beautiful Celebration Of Life for my husband, Bill. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Norm. Your kindess will never be forgotten."
-Jackie Wonders

"My husband wanted no religious service, and the Celebration Of Life was beautiful. He would have been very pleased. The video, the songs, the presentation of Andy's life and stories were great. I can't thank Norm enough for turning a horrific tragedy into a beautiful memorial for my husband. I wouldn't change thing."
-family of Andrew Dunmire

"My husband and I met Norm at the Strongland Home Show at the Pittsburgh Mills. We talked about the Celebration Of Life, and Jim prearranged his funeral with Curran. The service was beautiful in every way. Everything he wanted was included, and we were surprised at the thoughtfulness of your staff. We, his family, are all grateful. It was beautiful in ever way. I believe Jim's Celebration Of Life changed quite a bit of minds about that type of service. The word heard most was "perfect"."
-family of Jim Galie

"Norm- thank you so much for your Celebration Of Life Tribute Service for Ricky's life on Saturday. I know it was greatly appreciated by family and friends."
-family of Ricky Wenskowski

"Norm Connors performed a wonderful Celebration Of LIfe for my father. He was truly a comfort for my family."
-family of Wilbert Felton

"We received many compliments on Mom's Celebration Of Life Tribute Service. Many people said they never attended a more meaningful, uplifting service. James and Norm are top notch! Norm- you went above and beyond, and we thank you."
-family of Irene Travaglia

"I just wanted to tell your staff how impressed I was with everything. Norm (Celebration Of Life Tribute Service) was a good speaker. Norm had a good teacher. Thank you so much!"
-family of Anthony Callipare

"Norman- Thank you for the impeccable Celebration of Life for Bill. It was touching, heartwarming, and there is nothing we would change! You treated us with kindness, patience, and understanding. Your account of Bill was accurate- you listened, and you were thorough. Norm, you fulfilled every detail requested. Very impressive! It was by far the most gracious memorial we ever attended. You have provided us with genuine memories."
-family of William "Bill" Beaumont

"Since we had no current affiliation with a Church, the Celebration Of Life was most meaningful to us. Norman Connors took the information we gave him, and created a beautiful tribute to our mother, and wife. We will always remember it."
-family of Avril Shepherd

"Ellen service was one of a kind. Norm's delivery of the Celebration of Ellen's life was spot on outstanding."
-family of Ellen Toy

"The viewing and service was all about a Celebration of my husband's life. It was done very tastefully, and all of our wishes were granted. Norm is awesome! He was very sensitive and compassionate to our family's wishes and needs."
-family of Jerry Umbaugh

"Norm provided a wonderful Celebration Of Life Tribute Service with very personal attention to detail. He is an exceptional speaker and coordinator. Truly a professional, and it was a relief to have someone so caring to help the family through a difficult time."
-family of Thomas Mahaffey Sr.

"My husband and I always thought we would have more tomorrows so somehow the planning for our departure from this life never got worked on. I went with my heart, and I don't feel we could have had a better Celebration Of Life than what we did. George and I were/are fairly private people, but Norman helped me open up and share the story of our lives. My cousin Joan and I are constantly in touch and she couldn't have put it better- we all loved New Orleans, and New Orleans knows how to celebrate. Thank you for all you have done."
-Laraine Jakenta

"Norm- I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful Celebration Of Life for my brother. I know that it is your job to provide these services, but you really excelled. The milkshakes and coffee cake were such nice touches, along with the Butter Rum Life Savers."
-Gloria "Glo" Vollert

"Norman- Thank you for making an emotionally sad, difficult time so easy and uplifting. We will always miss our loved ones. In preparation for the Celebration Of Life Service, you helped us remember all of the things our dad has done, and the good memories we shared. I had many compliments on how the service was."
-family of Ronald Calhoun

"Norm- you my friend, are an outstanding man, and have a true gift! Thank you for the most perfect service I have EVER been to in my 31 years for my step-uncle. Our family is still talking about how incredible a Celebration Of Life it was and I know, I will NEVER forget it!"
-family of Marisa DeBiasio Kautzman

"The attention to detail is unlike anything I have ever seen. Norm went over and above to make an unbearable event into a Celebration Of Life unlike anything I have ever seen. His generosity, respect, and kindness were beyond any of our expectations. It was perfect!"
-Wendy Barclay

"We were extremely satisfied with the service we received. Norman Connors- hands down was the absolute best. The attention he gave our family was done in a respectful and caring manner. The Celebration Of Life Tribute Service was the most meaningful aspect."
-family of Albert Shaner

"The Celebration Of Life Tribute Service was very appropriate for my father, and enjoyed by everyone. The gathering of close family to help Norman assemble the Celebration was an experience that also helped us through the loss of our dad. Norm did a tremendous job of creating the Celebration Of Life and delivering it. It was like nothing we expected. It was like you knew our father his whole life. The Fig Newtons made us laugh as we were leaving. You kept your promise- we left with a smile. When we got to the restaurant for lunch, we felt so good about everyone coming up to us and commenting abou the wonderful service. It was you who made that happen. You work from your heart. Thank you."
-family of Thomas Wagner

"Norm Connors thank you so very much for the lovely Celebration Of Life Tribute to our mother. You and your team repeatedly went above the call of duty."
-Deanne Marino

"Everything exceeded our expectations. The service was extremely personal, yet professional. From the music to the Celebration Of Life, everything was perfect. Norm Connors was awesome. He made all of us feel comfortable with the process."
-Betsy Guido

"Norm was so kind and helpful to us throughout. Difficult as it is to go through, he made it so much easier. The Celebration Of Life Tribute Service at the cemetery was so beautiful, and exactly what my mom would have wanted. It was so meaningful. Norm's words were perfect."
-Lois L. Fonzi

"The Celebration Of Life was so very perfect. Thank you for helping us give our father exactly what we feel he would have wanted."
-family of Ronald Linsenbigler

"The Celebration Of LIfe Tribute Service was so meaningful to our family. Norm was so special in the process. He is fabulous working with the elderly, i.e. my mom. Norm was caring, patient, thoughtful, and very nice. We would recommend Curran's to anyone. Several visitors said they were impressed with the service and would use them someday."
-family of William Schweikert

"The Celebration Of Life Tribute Service was amazing! Everything was perfect."
-family of Ken Pavetti

"We were so very pleased with the Celebration of Life Tribute Service. Great touch from James with the Steelers fight song and the Terrible Towel. Always nice to sit down with Norm and tell stories. James and Norm are both awesome people."
-family of Tom Mahaffey Jr.

"I want to thank Norman Connors for an excellent Celebration Of Life Tribute Service he gave at the gravesite for Emma. The poems and words shared were great."
-family of Emma Evans.

"Dear Norm- your kindness towards my family was commendable during the loss of my Uncle Chicken. Thank you for all that you did including your kind words during the Celebration Of Life, and your heartfelt compassion."
-family of Ray Willyard

"The Celebration Of LIfe Tribute Service was absolutely perfect and captured the true character of our Dad, Husband, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Uncle, and Friend. Thank you for the special service you provided."
-family of Bill Scheikert, Jr.

"Norm- you have a true gift! We appreciate all you have done. Your Celebration Of Life will be remembered for a lifetime."
-The Petro family

"We would like to thank Norm. He went above and beyong our expectations with the Celebration Of Life Tribute Service."
-Deb Wills

"Norm- we can't thank you enough for all that you did for us. The Celebration Of Life Tribute Service was a great idea for our mom. People found out things that they had never known about her. We genuinely felt you had an interest in learning her life, and you grew on us like family. The little things like the candy and the puzzle pieces touched our heart. You went above and beyond all of our expectations."
-family of Kitty Lou Yockey

"The choice for the Celebration Of Life was the best idea! Eveyone loved it, and its something my husband and I will choose for ourselves."
-Kim Bash

"I remain grateful to Norm and for the Curran Funeral Home. They provided my service with a beautiful Celebration! Many complimented us on how personable it was. Norm's interview helped us to provide the information needed to make the services reflect who Rachel was, and I could not have asked for a better way to honor my baby sister."
-Carrie Crowder

"It was a great experience to have Norm preside over the Celebration Of LIfe Tribute Service for my grandmother. Norman spoke to us during the service with such ease and compassion. He told the story of Marian with the words my Uncles and Aunts shared the night before. He took the time to find fitting poems, and pulled together a really moving review of who my grandmother was. Even with our polka song selection and our Chuck Barry opening- he treated our requests with the utmost respect. I am grateful to have spent a day reflecting on a grandmother that truly loved her family."
-Heidi Jacobs

"The Celebration Of Life prepared by Norm and James was wonderful. Norm was thoughtful and considerate of our feelings, and a great help in the preparation of the service. Our family meeting with him helped in so many ways. In talking about our loved one, we came away feeling so much better knowing that others would know what a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather Steve was. Friends and family told us how much they enjoyed it."
-Mary Alice Prebish

"I just want to say that everyone at the funeral complimented on the Celebration Of Life Tribute Service. James and Norm did such an amazing job. My mom actually asked me if they had known "Dick", that's how personable it was. They made a very difficult time in my family's life comforting, and left us with happy thoughts of our lifetime with a special person."
-Linda Kralik

"We talked with Norm about the Celebration Of Life- and chose that. It was the best thing we could have done. We left the service with a good feeling. It wasn't a sad and drawn out funeral service. It highlighted the happy memoires of our Mother. Norm did a wonderful job!"
-Carol Schnell

"The Celebration of Life Tribute Service Norm wrote was nothing short of excellent. This type of service was perfect due to the fact he wasn't affiliated with a church. Norm took exemplary care in assuring us in this process."
- Eric Nelson

"The Celebration of Life for Chas Armitage on Saturday was the most profound funeral I have ever attended. Norman went above and beyond to make it special."
- Pam Leh

"Each time a loved one is lost the grief, pain, and sadness are immeasurable and unique to each individual experiencing the loss. During the recent tragic loss of my husband and my two dear friends, James Kunkle and Norman Connors were both there for me going above and beyond what they needed to do. Both recognized and were sympathetic and sensitive to the uniqueness of the situation. We spent a morning with Norm, sharing stories of happy times with Chas, Laura, and Michael that became a part of Laura's Celebration of Life."
- Kathi Garone

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